Saturday, June 24, 2006

So far it just ain’t so, Joe

MONTREAL – Former top heavyweight contender Joe Mesi continued his brain injury-stalled career scoring a 6-round decision over Stephane Tessier Friday night.

Despite winning a near-shutout, Mesi was far from impressive in almost any respect. His 3-7 opponent Tessier was ponderous, almost impossible to miss, and a winner by knockout only one time in his career. He also lost his previous five fights in a row.

Mesi in the past was noted for quick hands, high volume, and continuous pressure, all of which helped him amass a 29-0 (25 KOs) record and a top rating.

That 29th bout, however, changed everything. Enroute to winning a 10-round decision over one-time cruiserweight titlist Vassily Jirov, he narrowly escaped a knockout loss as he twice peeled himself off the canvas to barely escape with the nod.

Of course it is now well known that after the bout he was diagnosed with a brain injury that resulted in a nationwide medical suspension.

After court action that threw the suspension out, he was granted a license in Puerto Rico where he returned to action after a two-year layoff to win an 8-round decision over 40-something Ron Bellamy in April.

In an attempt to stay busy and avoid possibly hostile boxing commissions, Mesi took his show on the road to Montreal.

Apparently Tessier was not the originally selected opponent, but what was important for Mesi was simply to get back into the ring to work him back into boxing shape.

He has a very long way to go.

Against Tessier, Mesi was clearly overweight at 239. He was also very slow-fisted, almost as easy to hit as the slow-moving Canadian, and more than a tad bit tentative.

Of course some will say that he was never in trouble and the bout was never in doubt. And, why should it have been? Mesi is now 31-0, and Tessier slips to 3-8.

Perhaps it is unfair and too early to decide that Mesi’s comeback is doomed, but he gave no indication that he is on an upward glide-path. He was heavier in this bout than he was against Bellamy --- and 12 pounds heavier than he was against Jirov two years ago.

It could be that a trip to Mackie Shilstone’s miracle factory in New Orleans is in order. Mesi certainly needs the boost.


Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Agreed JE. Word has it that Joe has a relatively serious (but relatively minor) hand injury, and could be out 3-4 months. Let's hope when he comes back, it is in a 10-rounder, and he is no more than 220-225.lbs.

P.S-The Shilstone thing may not be such a bad or crazy idea JE! Ciao...

6:03 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Foremost in his comeback bid should be conditioning.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Agreed JE. I understand he was as high as 290-295 before his comeback, so I gave him so slack and credit for coming in at 240 for his first comeback fight. But then...He came in at 240 for his second one as well (???) The guy really should be in the 220-225 area, and the more I think about it...That Mackie Shilstone thing may be a damn good idea JE! ;-)

1:51 AM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

If he was completely serious about wanting to comeback, why did he allow himself to get that far out of shape? You're right, though, a trip to see Mackie might do wonders.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Yeah...He obviously wasn't doing much training or roadwork during his hiatus,eh? Mesi has actually always had a weight problem and a propensity to balloon up to near-300.lbs. Ever since he was a teenager actually. Some people don't know that. His 'old man' is the same way.He will supposedly be fighting again this Fall, and if isn't a 10-rounder, and he isn't in the 220's, I will lose what little interest (and respect) I have for his 'comeback'. It's not just how terribly he looks in the ring at that weight, and the absurdity of continued 6 & 8 round bouts, but a reflection of how dedicated and serious he is about this comeback. Kind of a shame, as while I do have concerns about his fighting from a medical standpoint, Mesi is not a BAD fighter, and a hell of a likeable and articulate guy. I thought he was SUPERB as a color commentator/analyst a few months back. I almost guarentee you he could have a 6-figure a year job waiting for him should he decide to hang em' up.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Well, I just read that Mesi will be fighting next month, I believe in Brazil (???) I think it is a 10-rounder as well. He's fighting some journeymen whose name escapes me at the moment, and only struck me as vaguely familar for that matter...

11:14 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Oh...Strike that. His name definetly sounded familiar, I just 'blanked out' there. It is Adilson Rodriguez. Remember him? He was a 90's fringe-contender who lost to Holyfield and Foreman. He must be about 40 now. He was OK,and could punch a little, but didn't have the best chin...

11:18 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

I don't think it is Adilson -- I think it is Adenilson -- different guys. The former hasn't fought since 2000. Nonetheless he appears to be weak competition -- he's been KO'd four times.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Ah...Correct JE. My bad.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous The Cruiserweight said...

I just looked up this 'other' Rodriguez, and despite his decent record, upon closer inspection...This guy doesn't even look like a journeymen. He looks like a TOMATO-CAN.

C'mon Joe, this is getting a bit ridiculous...


6:34 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

* He's not fighting in South AMERICA either by the way, but South AFRICA.

(I guess I f*cked-up twice...LOL)

11:49 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Okay, this just in; Mesi - for whatever reason - is now OFF the August card...(???)

2:42 AM  

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