Sunday, May 21, 2006

Barrera turns draw into victory, shows wear

LOS ANGELES --- Boxing superstar Marco Antonio Barrera, 62-4, 1 ND, (42 KOs), Mexico, 129 ¼, scored a razor-thin split decision Saturday night over young bull Rocky Juarez, 24-2 (18 KOs), Houston, 129, to retain his title and his place near the top of boxing’s elite.

Working behind an educated jab, Barrera kept the pressuring Juarez at the end of his punches for much of the first seven rounds. Except for round three, when Juarez landed a sharp left hook that knocked Barrera off balance, the jab separated Barrera from his foe and allowed him to land occasional combinations.

Each of those seven rounds, however, were competitive and the lumps on the usually unmarked Barrera’s face were indicative of the two-fisted power of the younger puncher.

Barrera, once the stalking warrior, worked the full ring in an effort to limit engagements. In round eight, the wear and tear of fending off Juarez began to show as the challenger pressed the action and landing the harder blows. Barrera, ever the warrior, fought back well in spots, but Juarez had turned the tide.

In each succeeding round Juarez continue to keep a faster pace and land much harder blows. Clearly, Barrera never hurt Juarez despite wicked trading.

JEBoxing scored all of the last five rounds in favor of Juarez. Barrera noticeably reduced his usually high volume of sharp counters and leads.

At age 32, the fight could be the first hint that the great champion is slipping.

The announced scoring of the bout marred an otherwise classic encounter. Originally, the scores were announced: Duane Ford 115-113 Juarez; Anek Hongtongkam, 115-113 Barrera; and Ken Morita, 114-114. Moments later, it was announced the Ford really had it 115-114 for Juarez, while more importantly Morita also had it 115-114 but in favor of Barrera. The net result of course was a split decision for Barrera.

JEBoxing scored the bout 115-113, Barrera.

The bout will undoubtedly keep Barrera in a position for another mega payday with one of the several top fighters from featherweight to junior lightweight.


In a preliminary bout, Jorge Barrios, 46-2-1 (32 KOs), Argentina, 129, scored a one-punch, first-round knockout of previously undefeated Jonos Nagy, 24-1 (13 KOs), Hungary, 129 ¾, to retain a version of the 130-pound title.

The former Olympian Nagy figured to give Barrios a tough go. But it was not to be.

Landing only two punches, Barrios’ second landed punch was a left hook to the liver that sent a grimacing Nagy to one knee where he remained, fully conscious, as the referee counted 10.

Time of the stoppage was at 49 seconds of the round.


Anonymous Joe said...

I went to the fight and I scored it the same as you did. Great fight, pretty even overall but it's a shame Juarez had to lose like that.

'Boom Boom' Bautista looked really good in the undercard as well.

7:29 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Maybe Barrios and Barrera would be a good match. Both are exciting -- though in very different ways.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Seeing that punch Barrios landed, I'm afraid he'd literally kill Barrera!

I like Barrera, but he really showed his age and wear against Juarez. I really commend Rocky for winning the latter part of the fight considering who he up against and that it was his first fight at 130.

10:07 PM  

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