Friday, April 28, 2006

Peter stays busy, stretches Long

By JE Grant

UNCASVILLE --- Heavyweight power puncher Samuel Peter, 26-1 (22 KOs), Nigeria, 256 ½, blasted out a reluctant 7-footer Julius Long, 14-8 (12 KOs), Romulus, Mich., in one round of a scheduled 10.

Long appeared to lose interest in the fight with the first big right hand landed by the feared Peter. Samuel winged wide shots at the giant journeyman and dropped his giant opponent for the first of two knockdowns that came from shots that did not appear to land solidly.

Peter forced Long into the ropes with a right hand and quickly followed the big man, making only the barest of contact with a left hand and followed it with a glancing right hand. Despite not landing flush, Long hit the deck hard and made no attempt at rising before the count of 10.

Time of the knockout was 2:35.


In a warm-up bout, Brian Minto, 24-1 (14 KOs), Butler, Penn., 220, overcame a determined effort by Billy Zumbrun, 19-7-1 (11), Ogden, Utah, 229 ¾, capturing a unanimous 8-round decision.

The 31 year-old Minto clearly won the first 2 rounds behind a snappy left jab. Zumbrun routinely squared up in an effort to get inside and had his head popped back repeatedly.

In round 3, Zumbrun began to walk through Minto’s jab and landed awkward, but effective, combinations. His crude methodology carried him through the 4th as Minto continued to rely almost exclusively on the left hand.

Minto resumed control of the fight in round 5, mixing in right hands and occasional hooks.

Sweeping the second half of the fight, Minto hurt Zumbrun at the end of the 7th round and nearly stopped his rugged foe in the 8th. Landing sharp punches from multiple angles in the opening minute of the final round, Minto left no doubt as to the outcome.

Ringside scoring was 78-74, 79-73, and 79-72, all for Minto. JEBoxing scored the fight 78-73, scoring the 8th round a 10-8 round for Minto.


In a walk-out bout, 20 year-old prospect Mike Marrone, 14-0 (11 KOs), Vero Beach, Fla. 222 ½, stopped hapless Dan Whetzel, 7-6-1 (4 KOs), Toledo, Ohio, 225, at 1:00 of the opening round of a scheduled 6.

The young heavyweight wasted no time in chasing down Whetzel who offered almost zero offense from the opening bell. Landing at will, Marrone fired multiple shots that forced Whetzel to the ropes. Referee Ken Ezzo stopped the bout with Whetzel failing to return punches.


Anonymous Mr. Toney said...

James Toney will chop down Sam Peter cause he don't know how to fight.

7:29 PM  
Blogger orltroy said...

Mr Toney, please stop trying to hype James Toney, we don't care and it just makes you look dumb.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Simply put folks - this was both farcical and downright unsightly to the very core.I have had ORANGE "Julius's" that have put up more resistance than Julius "Not For" Long.Yes,he "goes down easier" than his namesake beverage.This fight did absolutely NOTHING for Peter,and NOTHING for the JE 'crew' here.As for Peter (what can you really tell from this fight?) he looked about the same to me,but was CLEARLY too heavy.He should be in the 230's or 240's max.What...Has he been eating with "Mr.Toney" here and Orltroy's buddy Briggs lately? (LOL)

1:48 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Oh,while I'm on a roll here,who the f*ck is "Brian Butler" JE??? (LOL!) Yes,you obviously meant Brian MINTO.Minto HAS improved tremendously since his first few pro fights,but the guy-simply put-needs to go down to 200.lbs.It would be PERFECT for him.He could possibly be a legit contender down there,but at hvy? A fringe-contender at absolute best.And the top-hvy's would absolutely DESTROY him.


1:53 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

BTW-I think Austin would have a better shot against Briggs than Sultan IMO Orltroy.Nothing against Briggs (Well,it is kinda...But I like him.) how he got ranked #1 or #2 based off of beating a few good journeymen (Good title for an article there...Hmm...) and a 45-yr old Ray Mercer,is yet another tireless example of 'alphabet absurdity'...


2:01 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Oh,I almost forgot about Marrone.(Damnit! I thought for certain I had! LOL) Well,simply put - couldn't tell jack-squat from this fight.He looked dreadful to me in nearly losing to that 201-pound club-fighter a few months ago,but (perhaps) more importanly - I just saw very limited 'upside' and potential in him.This fight didn't change anything one way or the other,but he did what he had to do,and didn't waste anytime in doing it I suppose.Probably the right proverbial 'confidence-builder' for him,as well as a 'do-over' national tv showcase of sorts.Blah,blah,blah...

*He did look a bit 'tighter' physique-wise to me,and at 6'3" 220 more like a true hvy.

2:10 AM  
Blogger orltroy said...

Cruiser, you have diarrhea of the fingers tonight? I don't think Ray Austin has a better chance against briggs than he does Sultan, for the fact that Austin can take a punch and Ibragimov tires quicker than Briggs does. However, Briggs has a more suspect chin, but maybe Mayweather can mask it. Even though I think Briggs' chin is underrated, and he withstood some shots from Foreman, mercer, and Lewis. Except Briggs kept blocking Lewis' shot with his head. Austin imo doesn't stand a chacne against either, but I do feel that both bouts would be interesting. Now for Minto, he looked damn pudgy, something like me in the ring. His jab looked great, as well as his chin, but he didn't need to showcase his chin like he did. Peter looked like he ate James Toney and stole Briggs' food. Julius Long was a horrible opponent for him to take on, and I always felt that way. Julius put up a hell of a fight against Terry Smith, but looked like shit against Peter and Tye Fields. I want to see Samuel in there with Ruslan Chagaev, that is a fight of bombs. I think Chagaev will be in with Aldo Colliander, the talented Swedish version of Audley Harrison. Didn't get to see Marrone, and I don't care. Michael showed absolute;y nothing positive except for getting the ability to take a beating and keep coming forward. I tell you what, Wednesday night fights was far more interesting than FNF this week. Stacy Goodson co-promoted Wednesdays affairs, and did a fine job.

3:17 AM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

I corrected the Brian "Butler" error. I would say that all-in-all I was not that impressed by anyone on the card. We already know that Peter can hit hard, but Julius Long tasted one punch and decided that the night would be short. Minto will not become a top heavyweight fighter -- too short, underpowered, not all that hard to hit. Mike Marrone has a long, long way to go but he is only 20 and many things can happen.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

YES Troy! Just being the straw that stirs the drink here.Good post BTW.I still think collanders should be only used for draining pasta though...

*Checks Boxrec to see who-the-fook Orltroy was referring to!*


11:55 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Toney said...

Mr. Oltroy you put down James Toney just like they did when he was robbed against Hasim. Just wait to the rematch

4:42 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

...Are you going to AT LEAST come in at UNDER-230 this time 'J.T'?



12:26 AM  

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