Sunday, September 17, 2006

Boxing Brief – Heavyweights in weekend action

By JE Grant

MANISTEE, Mich. – Former top rated Joe Mesi, 231, moved to 33-0 (26 KOs) against 36 year-old Jason Weiss who is now 3-2 in a four-round bout Friday night. Charitably it can be said that Mesi is clearly being brought along very, very slowly. In fact in some of these so-called comeback fights he has struggled considerably.

MONTREAL – Canadian Jean Francois Bergeron, 219 ¾, moved to 25-0 (18 KOs) with a fifth-round stoppage of Edgar Da Silva. The 33 year-old’s opponent represented a significant step up in competition.

PHILADELPHIA – Prospect Chazz Witherspoon, 232, raised his record to 14-0 (8 KOs) by stopping Innocent Otukuwu in two rounds Friday night. We can only imagine that Innocent’s nickname is “By-Stander” because has now lost his last six bouts, five by knockout. By the way Witherspoon weighed exactly what he did in his televised fight against Michael Alexander in July. He was very fleshy to say the least.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. – Derric Rossy, 247, stopped Joe Stofle to remain undefeated at 13-0 (8 KOs). Rossy has recently moved into scheduled 10-rounders.

PHILADELPHIA – Youngster Joey Abell, 252, stopped David Kleage to jump to 8-0, 1NC (8 KOs).


Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

I saw some pics of the Bergeron fight. He looks like he needs to pump a little iron to me. I don't think 6'6" 220.lbs is going to cut it.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

...He needs to get a move on it. Would somebody please match this guy against a contender? Or FRINGE-contender?

12:32 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

The story at the link made it look like there were was a struggle.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight (Bizzy) said...

Yeah, I saw that. Supposedly Mesi is going to fight two 10-rounders against journeymen in the next few months, and then go for a contender in 2007. Joe and his old man are no dummies, so I kind of wonder what contender they may shoot for to propel them into title contention, should he win of course?

* That being said, I wouldn't be absolutely shocked to see one of the journeymen possibly beat him...(???)

4:11 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

I saw his fight in Canada and he was not exactly dominant -- and that was against a guy with a losing record.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight (Bizzy) said...

I have heard rumblings of a Winter 2007 fight if Mesi-Rahman, low and behold, but that is still aways away, and should be placed in the 'rumour mill' only. As for Chazz Spoon, I don't know if I would say he looked "very fleshy" J.E, but yeah...About 10 or 12 above where I think he should be. A familiar refrain these days, it seems. Anyways, to put it bluntly...I was very disappointed in my first glimpse of Witherspoon and Marrone, after hearing the 'hype'. Yes, they are still young (especially Marrone) but...Having been following the sport closely for about 30 years, and seeing many contenders and pretenders in my time, I didn't see "it", or any potential glimpses of "it". (And I think you know what I mean) No, these were know young Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield, Bowe, Ibeabuchi, or even Klitschko's. "It"...Just wasn't there. Not even in it's most raw form. I didn't even quite see a future 80's-like-solid-all-around hvy like Brock, too be honest. This is why the only young American hvy I really have any sort of HOPE for is Johnson, J.E. I saw 'glimpses' there, and a good raw 'package'. I also think Estrada and Chambers will be good hvy's, but have ZERO chance for greatness.

Well, that's my .02 cents for the moment. I'll take a few Prozac and call you in the morning folks...

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the by guys, do you know what happen astray in the relationship between briggs and his old promotor? I thought they were doing great job for Briggs...

6:42 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight (Bizzy) said...

Boy J.E...Estrada fought tonight, and won. That's the good news. The bad news? He went the distance. AGAIN. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be a huge hvy or huge puncher to capture a (LEGIT/UNIFIED!) world title and/or go to the Hall of Fame, and I honestly think that Estrada will be a GOOD hvy, but...

When have you ever heard of a "GREAT" hvy with an anemic KO percentage (8-0 1KO) such as this?

I'm starting to get the feeling if the (aprx.) 6-foot Estrada were to knock on your front door...You would barely be able to hear him.


8:27 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight (bizzy) said...

*Minor correction*

7-0 w/1 KO.


8:28 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight (bizzy) said...

BTW- Meke...Orltroy is kind of the "Florida guy" around here. I'm honestly not quite sure. But on the surface - yes, I agree. Hirsch seems to have done a VERY good job with him.

8:30 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Cruiser -- I saw Estrada in the amateurs...I would describe him as competent. It will take a good, well-conditioned fighter to beat him but it won't necessarily take a great one to do it.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx Cruiser. I thought that troy would have some inside info. Just watched the pics of AA fights. The doctor said he lost between 0.5 and 1 lt of blood (a bit less than two pints!), had a surgery, and will be out for 6 months. I haven't seen the fight yet, but fro hearing that, Saurland and Ulli Wagner (AA's coach) should be trialed! It's just not human to do let a guy with a broken jaw fight on. I am not sure how AA will feel afterwards but know for sure he won't be the same. Wait and see...

7:16 AM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

The AA fight, like so many others happening in Europe today need to find a way to US television. The potential has to be recognized at some point.

12:47 PM  

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