Saturday, September 16, 2006

Barrera masterful, decisions Juarez

By JE Grant

LAS VEGAS – Legendary Mexican champion Marco Antonio Barrera, 63-4, 1 NC (42 KOs), Mexico, 130, won a clear unanimous 12-round decision over rugged former Olympic medallist Rocky Juarez, 25-3 (18 KOs), Houston, 129, to retain his 130 title Saturday night.

Barrera was intent on working off a laser-like left jab and never allowing the 26 year-old Juarez to land combinations at any point.

Most rounds were merely repeats of each except for round four and five which Juarez captured by pressing Barrera and out-hustling the 32 year-old titlist.

Official scoring was 117-111; 115-113; and 115-113 all for Barrera. JEBoxing scored the fight 118-110 Barrera.


Joan Guzman, 26-0 (17 KOs), Dominican Republic, 129, won another version of the 130 pound title with a convincing but difficult 12-round split decision over Jorge Barrios, 46-3-1 (33 KOs), Argentina, 131 ½.

Barrios lost the title at the weigh-in when he came in over the 130-pound limit. The title was vacated at that point, but Guzman would be declared the new titlist with a win. Had Barrios won, the title would have remained vacant.

The gritty Barrios was able to win rounds only sporadically as he battled hard against the agile and multi-talented Guzman.

Guzman was clearly faster throughout and was able to effectively counter the wide-punching Barrios. There were no knockdowns.

Scoring of the bout was 114-113 Barrios; 114-113 Guzman; and 115-112 Guzman. Barrios had a point deducted in round six for a low blow. Had that point not been deducted the bout would have been a draw.

JEBoxing scored the bout 115-112 Guzman.


Israel Vazquez, 41-3 (30 KOs), Mexico, 122, successfully defended his 122-pound title with a 10th round stoppage of Jhonny Gonzalez, 33-5 (28 KOs), Mexico, 121.

Gonzalez was clearly ahead at the time of the stoppage. In rounds four and six he scored knockdowns of the titlist with sharp left hooks. Gonzalez continuously out-boxed his shorter foe, relying on a long left jab mixed with one-two combinations that kept Vazquez off balance.

The hard-hitting Vazquez landed a hard series of blows in round seven dropping Gonzalez hard. Gonzalez rose to survive the round.

Gonzalez resumed his boxing lesson in round eight and seemed to be once again in control of the bout.

Vazquez’ attack apparently took a toll on Gonzalez as the challenge began to fade in round nine – giving Vazquez only his second round of the fight.

Gonzalez again resumed control in round ten and seemed on his way to winning the round when Vazquez launched a vicious combination that again put Gonzalez on the deck.

Gonzalez took an eight-count and was willing to continue only to have his corner step in to signal the end of the bout. The stoppage was curious because, though hurt, Gonzalez appeared to have his faculties and was so far in the lead that only a knockout could give Vazquez the win.

At the end of nine rounds, JEBoxing had the bout scored 87-81 Gonzalez.

Time of the stoppage was 2:09 of round ten.


Highly touted prospect 18 year-old Jorge Paez Jr. 11-0 (7 KOs), Mexico, 141, was a very fortunate winner by majority four-round decision over Derrick Campos, 6-3 (5 KOs), Topeka, Kan., 139.

Campos hurt Paez in the opening round and won the round by repeatedly landing left hooks to the head.

In round two Paez knocked down the pressing Campos and used his experience to take control of the hard-punching but crude Campos. Paez continued to counter and sharpshoot Campos in round three to pull ahead.

Despite starting round four strong, Paez allowed Campos to close the distance giving him his only chance for victory.

In the closing seconds of the round, Campos slammed a left hook to the chin of Paez dropping him hard. Although Paez beat the count he looked barely able to continue and was relieved to hear the final bell only seconds later.

Scoring of the bout was 37-37, 38-36 Paez, and 38-36, Paez. JEBoxing scored the bout 37-37.


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Kudos that you added another read, but once again...The top-25 has disappeared!


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