Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mayweather – Judah: Not a close call

By JE Grant

One is tempted to ask what all the fuss is about when discussing the Floyd Mayweather – Zab Judah contest – and with good reason.

Mayweather at 35-0 (24 KOs) is rapidly approaching legendary status while Judah at a respectable 34-3 (25 KOs) may in fact be heading in the other direction. Only the extraordinary promotional acumen of Bob Arum could make this fight a pay-per-view event.

It is not easily dismissed that “Super” Zab was clearly pummeled his last time out o in a losing effort to Carlos Baldomir, a fighter who is at best a solid journeyman. Just consider that Arturo Gatti, who will challenge Baldomir for his welterweight title (the only legitimate one), is widely regarded as the favorite in the match. Who did not see “Pretty Boy” destroy Gatti?

Certainly Judah has had his successes. Out-boxing and out-foxing Cory Spinks is no small feat. Just as importantly, after being belted out by Kostya Tszyu, Judah moved up a weight class, won a unified title, and scored wins in 8 of his last 10 bouts. He is universally seen as skilled, speedy a proven success at welterweight.

Unfortunately for Judah, virtually all of those credentials except for the time spent in the weight class, are trumped or nullified by the truly “super” talents of Mayweather.

If Judah is a good boxer, Mayweather is a great one. If Judah is quick-fisted, Mayweather is lightning. If Judah has proven his mettle against top opponents, Mayweather, in beating both Jose Luis Castillo and Diego Corrales, has beaten fighters capable of epic battles.

In no department is Zab Judah the equal of Floyd Mayweather despite being highly proficient in almost every aspect of the game. He had an off night against Baldomir. Mayweather has had off-nights and won against the likes of Castillo. Add to that the fact that no better defensive wizard than Mayweather exists in the game today and we can surmise that it is case closed as to the outcome.

Bewilderment will show on Judah’s face; far more so than it did against Baldomir. Mayweather will land thunder from angles that Judah won’t stop. Judah will get hit flush with lefts and rights, hooks and straight rights, body punches and uppercuts with much great frequency than he has ever experienced. Keeping up Mayweather won’t be an option.

Judah is no quitter and he will fight hard for as long as he can – but the chin that let him down against Tsyzu and allowed him to wobble against Baldomir will be dented so early and so often that he will wilt from the torrential downpour.

As Floyd in fact surpasses all of the strengths that are usually Zab’s alone in a fight, Judah will crumble to the canvas.

Floyd Mayweather by KO in 5.


Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Well Mr.Grant,I like Mayweather to win,but 'me thinks dem odds' (5-1 or 6-1?) are a bit too high' sir..:-)


4:47 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Mayweather reminds me a bit of a Ferrai that rides smoothly and corners flawlessly.Judah? He can go from '0-60' in the blkink of an eye as well,but he 'misses' sometimes...(lol)

I'm picking Mayweather to win,but once again,I think the odds are a bit high.It would surprise me a bit if the talented-but-inconsistent Judah won,but it wouldn't shock me...*Puffs on pipe*...


4:50 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

In any case,this fight is for a 'FAKE belt,and 'tainted' 147-pound honors.Am I paying for this one? F*ck no.Yes,Mayweather is SUPREMELY skilled,but folks--if these two were fighting on my back balcony,I don't even know if I would open the blinds to watch...


4:55 AM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Yes, I know I put it all out there for the big let down. I do think Mayweather will win big.

7:01 AM  

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