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Froch and Johnson clash in Super 6 semis – Froch’s title on the line

By JE Grant

The great outcome of the Super Six tournament is that top-level fighters are facing each other repeatedly and with some unexpected results.

Carl Froch is the top beneficiary of the tournament’s design.   Before the tournament, some critics, saw his awkward style as indicative of limited ability.

The fact that he possessed one of the many title belts did not bolster his case. Such is the state of boxing today that even a title belt often indicates very little.

Of course he did have a significant come-from-behind knockout of former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor; and what later was seen as a big win over Jean Pascal who would himself go on to win a belt at 175.

Nonetheless, few picked him to show up in the finals.

In Super 6 Froch won a clear, if ugly, decision over the very talented Andre Dirrell. He lost a close, but equally clear, decision to Mikkel Kessler. He dominated the once-mighty Arthur Abraham.

Before this tournament Abraham was seen as one of the favorites with his brute power and granite chin. Dirrell was viewed as a slick technician – many thought he would box circles around Froch.

What we have learned about Froch is that his will, conditioning, and, yes, skill are much more important factors than many believed.  Without Super 6, it may have taken years – if ever – to flesh-out the division and allow us to discern Froch’s relative abilities. 

Super 6 allowed him to prove it all in the ring, as it should be.

In Glen Johnson, Froch meets a fighter with a similar awkwardness. Johnson, however, has had mixed results. 

Although he won a title at 175, his record is sprinkled with close decision losses: including a shot at then-168 pound titlist Sven Ottke. In his only stoppage loss, Johnson suffered an 11th round TKO at hands of then-middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins (astoundingly almost 14 years ago).

In his most recent crack at some kind of “world” title, Tavoris Cloud handily won a decision in defense of his 175-pound belt. 

The Cloud bout should have also meant the end for a 40-something ex-champ.

Then came the unexpected.  With drop outs from the Super 6 tournament came an odd offer – drop back to 168 and enter with a chance to become not only the tournament winner but ultimately a multi-belt titlist.

A successful drop in weight for a 40+-year old fighter, more than 10 years removed from the division, seemed an unlikely venture.

In his first tournament bout, Johnson astounding many by not only making weight, but by knocking out Allen Green in stunning fashion.

Johnson, now 42, constantly forces the action whether in winning or losing effort. Not considered a huge puncher, he still has accumulated 35 knockouts in 51 wins. His chin and willingness to mix have long made him a highly regarded opponent by his peers.

PREDICTION: Carl Froch presses as hard at Johnson, and is constantly on the hunt. His power and speed are sufficient to take advantage of mistakes. Much like Johnson, he throws punches at unusual angles – but he does it at a much higher volume. Look for both fighters to crack hard early in close quarters. The difference, and it will be slight in the earlier rounds, will come to light at the fight progresses; Froch will only edge out Johnson early but dominate the second half of the fight. Johnson’s chin and determination will ensure he remains to the final bell, but this fight will not end in a controversial decision. Froch has too much speed, too much skill, and too much of everything else.

FROCH by clear 12 round decision.


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