Saturday, February 23, 2008

Klitschko - Ibragimov Prediction

Both heavyweights are part of a club of fighters from former eastern bloc countries who remain overlooked and underrated because of the ongoing bias against their non-American origin. Make no mistake, both can fight and have amateur and professional credentials that rival their American title-holding predecessors from almost any generation. 

Of course that is an argument for another day. This fight comes down to physical differences that are too vast to ignore. Klitschko's long jab and thunderous right hand provide a combination that the southpaw Ibragimov will not be able to overcome. There is almost no difference in speed or skill. Power tilts considerably to Klitschko.

This will be evidence of the age-old adage of a good big man always beating a good little man. Klitschko is clearly the good big man. 

Klitschko by 10th round KO.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words can truly not describe just how god-awful this fight was...

* I think Sultan was "big enough"...just not BRAVE enough. I wrote a piece entitled "The Sultan Of Swing And The Southpaw Sandtrap" a few months back (yes, fiendishly clever title) and while I thought Vlad would win -- I thought Sultan had a real chance for an upset.

What a horrible dud of a fight...


5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess how I would probably have phrased that last bit would be this...

It was a good 'big man'...versus a decent 'smaller man'.

And as far as bravery goes, Vladdy didn't show much of that himself. It was like he was scared silly to use the right in fear of getting countered. I was ridiculous: He looked like The Venus De Milo out there.

If he had said afterwards that he had torn his right rotator cuff or broken his hand, I suppose it would have been fairly impressive what he did, in basically whitewashing Ibragimov with one hand.

But as it was just plain awful.


P.S - Nobody is going to get too excited about his next opponent (Thompson) but I can say that Thompson is a legit top-10 guy, and a veteran that has 'paid his dues'. He deserves a good payday, and he's a big guy with a certain set of "swift" skills that MIGHT give Vlad some problems. But make no mistake about it, Vlad will be a pretty big favorite, and rightfully so. As for Povetkin in the Fall, another legit top-10 guy -- but I don't think he's ready, and I don't think his potential/upside is all that high anyhow. ( He was obviously a good amateur and he's a decent pro, and he has a good work-rate/effort...but I'm just not that impressed. He's plodding, his defense is pourous, and his chin has shown possible signs of not being very good either. I think that will be an early KO for Vladdy. )

3:22 PM  

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