Saturday, February 25, 2006

Brock explodes on Lawrence

By JE Grant

LAS VEGAS --- Fighting on the Shane Mosley-Fernando Vargas undercard, heavyweight contender Calvin Brock, 28-0 (22 KOs), Charlotte, 231, uncorked a left-hook that leveled Zuri Lawrence, 20-11-4, 1 NC (0 KOs), Wappinger Falls, NY, at 2:58 of round six in a scheduled 10.

Brock seemed content to fight on the inside against Lawrence, a heavyweight who, in 35 previous bouts had never scored a stoppage win.

Rounds one through five were virtually identical with both fighters engaging in a plodding give and take almost all of which took place on the inside.

Brock had the clear edge in the bout, landing the harder and more consistent blows.

Lawrence for his part was a willing accomplice in the trenches. Instead of tagging the shorter armed Brock from a distance he stood almost eye-to-eye throughout.

Round six began much as the previous five, but the harder shots of Brock slowed the already ponderous Lawrence. As Zuri’s hands began to drop and his slapping punches became less frequent, the opportunity emerged for Brock to unload.

As the round came close to an end, Brock created separation enabling him to leap in with a left-hook that landed flush on the chin of Lawrence. In an instant Lawrence froze and crumpled to the floor, landing hard on the back of his head.

Referee Jay Nady waved off the fight without a count as Lawrence lay motionless for what seemed like several minutes. Slowly Lawrence came back to consciousness and was able to leave the ring under his own power.

Brock claimed after the bout to want a couple more HBO fights before challenging for a title.

He said that he wants to create more “market share” for his name, clearly showing how he is different than a normal contender. The college graduate “Boxing Banker” is operating in a very business-like manner both in the ring and out.

JEBoxing scored the bout 50-45 through round five.


Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

A pretty dull and uneventful fight,and then......BOOM! WHOA! A devasting and SCARY KO by Brock...

JE-Calvin "doppel" Brock is good and solid all-the way around,with good (but not HUGE,contrary to tonight) power,but I find it hard to get excited about him.And for much of this fight,he was less than impressive.But hey,that being said--he is clearly a legit top-10 guy.

P.S-Also,I didn't catch his weight,but I thought he looked about 10-15.lbs too heavy...

9:37 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

*Sidenote-Yes,Lawrence is nothing more than a journeymen.Yes,he 'loops' and 'slaps' his punches.But...I find it mind-boggling that he has ZERO KO's!!!??? I mean,how could any guy (well) over 200.lbs,with a winning record,not have a SINGLE ko/tko??? He has been matched pretty tough throughout his whole career,so I suppose that is part of it.Please folks! Let's hand Zuri a complet patsy so he can get a ko!

Actually,after that loss tonight-and at 35-perhaps he should just retire...(!)

9:42 PM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Brock was 230 -- too much for him. You're right he is not head-and-shoulders above the field. He is solid and smart. He will not be a long-term title holder and will be hard-pressed to take out Klitschko, Toney, Byrd or Rahman. His best shot is against Valuev.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous The Cruiserweight said...

JE-Yeah,Brock should either be in the 2-teens or 220's IMO.As for the other,agreed as well.And I really THINK he would defeat the admittedly mediocre Valuev,but beating a 7-foot 300-pound guy that posesses SOME level of skill,isn't the EASIEST thing in the world! (lol)

12:52 AM  
Blogger orltroy said...

Brock just put on the natiest KO of the year so far. Anyways, Brock has a good chance of out-boxing Rahman, but He will struggle with Wlad and so others. I want to see him in there with Timor Ibragimov, and I am disappointed that I had free VIP tickets to the Timor fight and Gelnn Johnson fight last night and didn't go because of my girl. And then Timor didn't even fight, a little disappointed was I. Shannon Briggs' manager was kind enough to give me tickets, and I couldn't use them nor could I get anyone to go with me, to give me a ride. Oh well, I'm bitching. Brock will be a title holder for sure, but something special he isn't. Maybe another Vitali Klitschko, minus the power.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Agreed Orltroy.Although I did think VK was a bit 'special' with his size,power,and awkward style.But no--there was nothing very 'special' about his title reign,so I understand the comparison from a standpoint of stature.And yes,I wouldn't mind seeing Brock in against ANY of the top hvy's right now.Am I 'salivating' at the thought? Emm,no.But I am somewhat interested to see how he fares against A-level competition.

*Sidenote-Brock--Kind of reminds me of some of the good but-not-great hvy's of the 80's.Do you agree JE? (Of course our dear friend Orltroy may be a bit too young to recall the 80's hvy's! LOL)

8:52 PM  
Blogger orltroy said...

Cruiser I have a man who has put together a compelation??? of fights from the 80's for me to watch and I am researching an article regarding the wasted greatness of the 80's heavyweights. It's full of Pinklon Thomas, Greg Page (any news on him?), Tony Tucker, Tim Withersp[oon and the list goes on. You will see an actual quality piece from me regarding this subject.

1:37 AM  
Blogger JE Boxing said...

Brock is similar to Pinklon Thomas in some ways. He's above average in most categories (though we don't really know how good his chin is) but nothing in particular stands out. I do know that if he were to go in against, say, W. Klitschko or Chris Byrd, today weighing 230, he would be left in the dust. Too slow at 230.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Agreed JE.I don't know if Brock would beat those two on his best day,but he would be giving himself a better chance if he was in the 2-teens or 220's.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Big John said...

Brock landed a big shot but he sure looked ordinary. He is not fast and not all that hard to hit. Why do you like him so much JE?

9:27 PM  

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