Friday, December 02, 2005

Top 25 Heavyweights (As of December 1, 2005)

As of December 1, 2005 -- See the complete list

The sudden departure from the scene by Vitali Klitschko has just as suddenly generated interest in a unification series – at least that’s the talk of Don King, the man who holds promotional rights for all four of the current titlists. That applecart can be upset soon, however, as WBA belt holder John Ruiz meets “The Beast from the East” Nicolay Valuev in December. Additional talk of Chris Byrd trying to fly the coup could also mean trouble for DK.

However, don’t bet on outcomes that will derail a Don-only tournament. Ruiz will likely be favored against Valuev despite the big man’s 42-0 record. When the big men rumble in Berlin in December anything can happen.

As for Byrd, don’t count on seeing King losing in any court action. He is the heavyweight champion of the courtroom. Also don’t plan on ever seeing Byrd take on his number one challenger, Wladimir Klitschko. Byrd, who recently came oh-so-close to accusing Wladimir of being on steroids going into their 2000 bout, has been grasping for years to explain that loss. It is at least possible that he lost because he is not as good a boxer, he’s not as fast, he can’t punch as hard, he’s smaller etc… Maybe, just maybe, he’s just not as good. Despite all of that, Byrd is still a top fighter and not many contenders can find a way to beat him.

Hasim Rahman has shown no reluctance to meet fighters who present a threat to his well being. He may be a long-term project for Klitschko, however, because talk is shifting to a James Toney defense. Don’t be surprised to see Klitschko agree to a fight with winner with the stipulation that he enters a King tournament and a defense or two.

Of course Toney should not be able to jump over Klitschko (or Oleg Maskaev the ostensible number one WBC contender with his recent win over the then-number 1 Sinan Samil Sam) but don’t try to get there through any kind of logic. Read more on this debacle at WBC makes Toney mandatory in bizarre ruling.

Not talked about enough is Lamon Brewster. Brewster has a personality and style that excites all who witness it. His last fight, a successful defense against Luan Krasniqi, was not televised in the U.S. If this type of situation persists it dooms the division’s marketability in the states. Brewster deserves better.


Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

Looks good JE! (Well,it doesn't really look GOOD,but accurate! LOL)Hopefully it will look a bit brighter as these young Eastern Euro/Russian guys continue to make their mark.Good move with putting potential 'spoiler' Gomez in.He has been just HORRIBLY mismanaged.Now comes the latest rumour of rampant use of the ol' 'Columbian dust'.Don't know if it's true,but wouldn't surprise me.As for Brock--what's going to be next for him? Although I don't see anything 'special' in him,he's good and has solid attributes and all-around skills.

P.S-A possible 'dark horse' in the near future that could make a bit of noise? Sergei Lykaovich.I know his trainer (Kenny Weldon) fairly well,and although he's a bit 'injury prone',the injuries are seemingly 'legit'.I don't see undisputed world champ in his future,but a geniune top-contender or 'trinket-holder' is a possibility,as he is tough and has been improving the last few years.

2:15 AM  

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