Friday, November 04, 2005

Prediction: Lacy will power to victory over a game Pemberton

One of the usual laments among boxing writers and fans is that we have no superstar to save the sport. As usual, the answer is under our collective noses in the form of Jeff Lacy. His unique, power-based constant attack in the ring coupled with his engaging personality outside of it is a combination that could vault him to fame beyond the confines of the boxing world. However, while he awaits the fights that will serve as the platform for his jump to glory, he will have to meet and beat solid contenders such as Scott Pemberton and do so convincingly. Pemberton is no stranger to meeting so-called name fighters, though with mixed results. Two victories over perennial title-challenger Omar Sheika, and a loss to former titlist Charles Brewer is the extent of his resume with the division’s established contenders. He’s proven that he’s resilient, willing and has some kick. He’s also not especially difficult to hit – an ominous attribute when facing the swarming Lacy. Pemberton is well-respected and deservedly so – but he’s a significant notch below the ever-improving “Left Hook.” Combine that with the fact that he’s been off for a year and he’s 38 years old, we should look for this to be a one-sided affair. Lacy by KO in 5.


Blogger The Cruiserweight said...

Lacy impressive,and did what he was supposed to do.Was Pemberton a 'top-flight' opponent? No.But he wasn't garbage either.Lacy has made a believer out of me.Does he still miss alot,and get hit a bit too much? Yes,but he is as strong as an ox,and just keeps on coming.To his credit,he has shown improved skills,and obvious KO power in both hands.A year ago,I would have picked Calzaghe over him.Now? Nope.Edge to the bull-like fun-to-watch Lacy...

P.S-Let's make one last-ditch effort to get Calzaghe in the ring,but if it fails,forget him and move on.Fight Kessler.(Yeah,I know.That will probably never happen.) Tarver is a VERY,VERY,interesting fight,but if I had my 'druthers',I would like to see him take care of business at 168 first...

P.S.2-Johnson (175) would also be an entertaining fight as well! Should Taylor beat Hopkins (Whew...50-50) look for him to move to 168 in 2006 as well...:-)

12:18 AM  

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