Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brewster defends against Krasniqi – just in case you didn’t know

Luan Krasniqi will face a buzz saw for the first time in his life. The lackluster opponents he’s faced in Germany will not have prepared him well enough for the charging Lamon Brewster. Krasiniqi’s chance lies in taking this fight long and keeping Brewster at bay. For his part, Brewster has not been particularly difficult to reach. He must get under Krasniqi and stick to him throughout the contest. If he attempts an outside boxing match he could jeopardize his belt. My bet is Brewster will do what he does best and put the heat on early and often. Krasniqi may prove able to keep Brewster off for a time but the power will tell in the end. Lamon Brewster will punish Krasniqi and pull him out of his game. The wilting Krasniqi will finish the fight on the seat of his pants. Brewster by knockout in round 8.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got it all wrong. krasniqi will win for sure this one. if the match was in usa, maybe brewster would, but in this case the match is in germany. the crowd will give more heart to krasniqi. krasniqi doesn;t punch as hard as brewster, but he can make him tired. i say krasniqi by knockout around the 10-th.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous the cruiserweight said...

(HAHAHA...) "Anonymous"...(lol) :-)

11:02 PM  

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