Sunday, June 12, 2005

McBride outlasts a shell of Tyson, captures KO win

By JE Grant

Irishman Kevin McBride, 33-4-1 (27 KOs), 271, stopped former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, 50-6 (2 NC) (44 KOs), 233, in Washington D.C.’s MCI Center last night as Tyson decided not to respond to the bell in round 7.

By most accounts, Tyson led early, though with desperate, wide shots thrown in an effort to score the early knockout. He must’ve known going in that his gas tank was near “E” and he only had a few good shots left in him.

This bout says nothing about McBride except that he happened to be there at the end of what was once a promising career. He was chosen because he is slow, does not punch all that well, and is relatively easy to hit. He was all those things Saturday night and still Tyson could not muster the energy or ability to defeat him.

Of course Tyson still has large bills to pay, but future ring appearances don’t figure to bring in the tens of millions that are needed. Some of his creditors are likely never to receive what he owes.

Hopefully this bout brings to an end any speculation that Tyson has any future in the upper ranks of the division. His legions of admirers, however, are rarely dissuaded from believing in him despite the profound evidence that he is finished as a contender.

He has now dropped 3 of his last 4 fights, all by knockouts. (An interesting fact is that Tyson, if he really retires as he said he would, leaves the ring never having lost a decision – all 6 of his losses have been stoppages).

McBride will undoubtedly cash-in on this victory, but any talk of championships will come to nothing. He will gain a rating and will lose to the first real top 10 fighter he faces. He is a proven journeyman and there is no shame in that --- he’s just not a real contender.


Blogger PrinterJohn said...

JE, I just discovered your Blog.
I think Tyson quit because he knew that he was going to be knocked out.
Tyson tried to get disqualified and when that didn't work, he quit.
It's a coincidence that I found your Blog site and your post was about Tyson.
I just started a new Blog, yesterday and my inaugural post is about Mike Tyson.
Go to if you're curious about what I really think of Iron Mike's career.
I like your blog and I'll check back later. I've gotta take off for now.
P.S. The reason that there are two articles about Tyson on my Blog is that when I tried to preview my first post, it didn't come up. I made another shorter post, as a test, and both posts went up.
I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

4:11 PM  
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